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Take up this simple Quiz (just 5 questions) to be eligible for receiving a comprehensive Performance Testing Tool Evaluation Checklist.

With new tool popping up every day, you would definitely require a exhaustive Performance Testing tool evaluation checklist. Even if you already have one, that’s ok, you can give it a try 🙂

All correct answers will receive goodies 🙂 through mail. You will receive a quick reference guide on “Best practices on NFR Validation

Quiz Questions

Question 1 : During web application performance test, all the transactions show < 5 seconds response time during load of 100 users, upon gradually increasing the load to 200 users, all transactions continue to have < 5 seconds response time, whereas 1 exceptional transaction seem to have steady increase in response time & it fluctuates between 10 to 20 seconds. What could be the bottleneck reason you could immediately think of looking at this behavior?

A) Might be a DB Connection Pool issue

B) Might be a CPU Saturation issue

C) Might be a memory leak issue

D) Might be a Page rendering / DOM manipulation issue

Question 2 : What is the best measurement unit for expressing the system throughput of a online banking application.

A) Hits per unit time

B) Network Bytes per unit time

C) Transactions per unit time

D) Page views per unit time

Question 3 : What is the application CPU service demand, for the tested workload if its utilization is about 60% & application server processes 1200 requests during 10 minutes test interval (steady state load conditions).

A) 3

B) 0.03

C) 0.3

D) None of these answers are valid

Question 4 : Assume you are running a 4000 users test(steady state), where the measurements obtained are 120 transactions/second, total response time is about 25 seconds with configured think time of about 20 seconds.Is this a valid test?

A) Yes, Valid Test

B) No , Invalid Test

C) It depends

D) Insufficient Data to quantify the validity of the test

Question 5 : While doing performance testing for batch workload, the cpu utilization was observed to be > 98% with completion time of about 10 minutes.

A) The test confirms there is a CPU Bottleneck
B) The test confirms healthy CPU utilization to process batch jobs
C) Insufficient data to justify the correctness of the test
D) The test confirms high response time

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Correct answers will receive an additional quick reference guide on “Best practices on NFR Validation”

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