Importance of Queuing Theory in Performance Testing / Engineering

Many think, Queuing Theory is very complex rocket science, but its definitely not so complex, if you really understand the fundamentals properly.

Its is a mathematical study of waiting lines or queues. Its principles are widely used in many industrial domains. Anywhere you see queues – Bank, ATM, Road traffic, Shopping mall, etc., queuing theory can be applied & help in effective planning.

If you start understanding the basic principles of Queuing Theory, you will soon realize that it is a common sense & you can easily start applying them in your projects. As Queuing Theory is widely used in many industrial domains, you can find many free resources (articles & ebooks) available in web.

As a Performance Tester, if you need to understand Queuing Theory basics, your Performance test strategy & Performance bottleneck analysis thought process will definitely become matured. Queuing Theory knowledge forms the basic for having a career as Performance Modelling Expert. Unfortunately, there are not much resources readily available showing how to apply these principles in Performance Testing. There are few tips provided here & there, but that cannot help in applying in projects practically.

Unless you are clear in the fundamentals,you cannot start applying them practically in your projects. Going through mathematical equations (called as Operational Laws) is not a big deal. Its the same set of equations that are available in any queuing theory book. But, unless you understand few concepts behind it, you cannot quickly have matured thought process that helps you to apply them in projects under different circumstances.

I have atleast read this popular book on Queuing Theory “Quantitative System Performance – Computer System Analysis Using Queuing Network Models’ By Edward D. Lazowska, John Zahorjan, G. Scott Graham, and Kenneth” atleast 10+ times during the year 2006, when i first got introduced to Queuing Theory. There were many things that i need to unlearn to get convinced about the facts that i have learnt in this book.

Would definitely recommend learning Queuing Theory basics through a mentor, in order to have quick learning curve. That will help you to think through in right direction. You have to give dedicated time & space to explore things practically when you learn anything in this field.

No doubt, the Secret Sauce for having a successful career in Performance space is “Knowledge of Queuing Theory” (though many realize it bit late in their career).

Check out our e-learning course on “Queuing Theory & its applications in Performance Testing”at our online academy ( A unique course which introduces the basics & helps you to realize how to apply the queuing theory principles practically in your performance testing projects with real time project case studies. You cannot find the applications that are discussed in this course available in any other articles or books.

Happy learning !!

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