Realize the Power of being a Performance Tester

As a Performance Tester, you definitely need to realize the Power of being a Performance Tester.

Though Performance Testing is under the umbrella of Software Testing, its different from functional testing in many ways. It becomes a more complex investigation exercise when you start focusing on detecting root causes for the performance bottlenecks. This is the only field where you get a chance to interact with various technical roles like Business analyst, Solution Architect, Developer, Functional tester, Performance Engineer, System admin, Server specialists, Hardware engineers, Network admin, Capacity sizing experts, etc who take part in various SDLC phases. Very quickly you start adapting yourself to speak in their respective language through your interactions with them & soon this creates lot of interests within you to become specialized in performance tuning & high performance development, architecture analysis, system design, production problem diagnosis, mathematical analysis, infrastructure sizing, statistical modelling, etc.

Being a Performance tester, you can easily have a career as Performance Engineer who plays a vital role in various activities throughout SDLC phases including NFR management, Workload Modelling, High Performance Architecture & Design development, Profiling & Performance Tuning, Capacity sizing, Performance Modelling, Performance Forecasting, Performance bottleneck diagnosis, Application Performance Management, Statistical Modelling,etc.

Unfortunately, many Performance testers dont realize this power. For some unknown reason, many get struck within a commercial performance testing tool & think script development is their great strength. If you dont show interest to come out of your comfort zone (using a tool), you will become so adapted to it & you need to spend your career as a tool expert & not beyond.

Developing a holistic mindset is very important in performance testing. A Performance Tester should focus on designing best test strategy to plan for realistic performance tests that closely mimics end user access patterns in all possible ways. Do not assume, a Performance Tester is just responsible to run the test to verify whether the response time SLA is met or system can handle peak user target and report the test results provided by the tool.

You are responsible to do justice to the opportunity you have got as a Performance Tester in your career.

As a Performance Tester, be proud for playing a primary role in Performance assurance for digital product.

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Happy Learning !!

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