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Training Courses
Course Name Duration Registration & Payment
TC-G01: NFR Testing Techniques & Tools 2 days Contact Us
TC-PT01: Essentials of Web Performance Testing – Strengthen your fundamentals 2 days Contact Us
TC-PT02: NFR Validation, User traffic Analysis & Workload Modeling 2 days Contact Us
TC-PT03: Engineer your Performance Tests using Queuing Theory Principles 2 days Contact Us
TC-PT04: Front End Web Performance Testing & Analysis 1 day Contact Us
TC-PT05: Measurements & Metrics for Performance Testers 1 day Contact Us
TC-PT06: Mobile Performance Testing – Different Outlook 1 day Contact Us
TC-PT07: Production Monitoring & Application Performance Management Solutions 2 days Contact Us
TC-PT08: Troubleshooting Skills for Performance Testers 1 day Contact Us
TC-PT09: Performance Extrapolation – Importance of TPC / SPEC Performance Benchmarks 1 day Contact Us
TC-PT10: Code Profiling & Performance Tuning for J2EE application 1 day Contact Us
TC-PT11: Performance Test Management for Test Managers 1 day Contact Us
TC-PT12: Performance Prediction/Forecasting Analysis & Techniques 3 days Contact Us
TC-PT13: Application Capacity Planning Made Simple 2 days Contact Us
TC-ST01: Web Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing for Beginners 2 days Contact Us
TC-UT01: Web Application Usability & User Experience Testing for Beginners 1 day Contact Us
Certifications Registration & Payment
CR-G01:  Certified NFR Tester Contact Us
CR-PT01:  Performance Test Analyst Contact Us
CR-PT02: Performance NFR Management & Workload Modeling Specialist Contact Us
CR-PT03: Application Capacity Planning Specialist Contact Us
CR-PT04: Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting Specialist Contact Us
CR-PT05: Performance Test Manager Contact Us
CR-ST01: Web Application Security Test Analyst Contact Us

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