Received 2nd Best Paper Award @ CMG India 2016

The joy & experience of sharing & learning.

A great gathering giving a chance to bring together various SMEs including Technical architects, Performance Testers, Performance Engineers, Enterprise Architects, DB specialists, CTOs, Vice Presidents, Infrastructure specialists, Capacity Planners, Scientists, Research Scholars, IIT Professors, Data scientists & Performance tuning experts who bother so much about performance , scalability, reliability & capacity assurance.

Yes, this was at CMG India 3rd Annual Conference, a great get together that happened at TCS, Yantra park , Mumbai on Dec 2 & 3 2016, that was so nicely organized. Hats off to the organizing committee.

We had another proud moment to cherish , Our paper “Performance Anomaly Detection & Forecasting Model (PADFM) for eRetailer web application” has won the 2nd Best Paper Award.

On top of winning the opportunity to present the paper at this great forum that helps in receiving suggestions & comments from experts to improve the solution better , it was definitely a great moment to receive the award.

Am sure every one who appeared for this conference had some key take aways & ideas due to additional dimension that was broad by the presenters / thru networking. I had absolutely great time sharing, learning, listening, presenting, networking & what not..

For the sake of readers, who are not aware of CMG.

What is CMG ?

The Computer Measurement Group the most influential worldwide organization of enterprise computing professionals committed to sharing information and best practices on ensuring the efficiency and scalability of IT service delivery to the enterprise through measurement, quantitative analysis and forecasting.

With various key notes, tutorials & paper presentations power packed for 2 days, I had several moments like,

  • Wow, this is too good…
  • Oh, Why didnt i thought this way…
  • By the way, why are they speaking in Greek?… (had wide range of topics from data engineering to structural analysis, which was real eye opener sessions for newbies who are yet to know about it)
  • So, it is definitely possible?…
  • This is not what i was thinking so far…
  • Oh cool, so this is the solution…

As an audience, what else we need to have the satisfaction of attending a technical conference. And the only regret i had to carry back was , why did i miss previous CMG annual conference events that was held at Pune & Bangalore last 2 years.

Would strongly recommend anyone who bothers about system performance & capacity to be part of CMG family. [ by the way, who is not bothered about high performance nowadays 🙂 ]

Its a free membership at CMG India (Refer Looking forward to make this forum still more successful in upcoming years.

Looking forward for next CMG Annual conference soon!! 🙂

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